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Updated: 9/29/2020
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  • oh no the french are gone
  • stinky americans are gonna colonize us
  • we have to guard this
  • yeah we guard this so well
  • i am furious!
  • I want to colonize the west
  • after the French and Indian war the Native Americans were upset because the french were gone and they thought the americans were going to colonize theyre land.
  • The King made the Proclamation of 1763 to ease the natives of their worries, it outlawed colonization of the land across the Appalachian Mountains. it was guarded by the red coats.
  • Yeah like the king told us to
  • We gotta punish these guys
  • This made the colonists furious, they thought it was their destiny to colonize the west. They protested.
  • That could happen to any of the colonies
  • I am so scared
  • the Bostonians threw tons of cases of tea in the water as a protest. Word got out to the british.
  • Britain punished Massachusetts, they passed 4 acts, Boston port act, Massachusetts gov act, administration of justice act, and Quebec act.
  • This made colonists fear for their freedom. They knew this could happen in any state, it brewed up a even bigger idea of freedom in colonial america.
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