Updated: 3/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • i love a woman who is married to another king
  • oh okay
  • i, the well kwon magician merli, will cast a speel on the woman you love to make her fall in love with but in exchange you will give me your son that i will give it to a gentleman
  • the king died, whoever manages to draw sword, will be the new king
  • but nobody can, we will make a tournament and strongest will be the king
  • my brother forgot his sword i'll bring him this one which is much better
  • fifteen years later
  • I am not your father you are the son of the old merli king I give you to me
  • yes, merli will tell you everything
  • now am i the new king?
  • we eleven kings have rebelled and challenged you to a battle
  • good but first i am going to equip arthur, i am going to give him a special sword from a lake
  • can you give the sword?
  • oh okay, the most important thing is the pod because it will help you never bleed