Rebellions during the american revolution
Updated: 11/6/2018
Rebellions during the american revolution
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  • Rebellions During The American Revoloution
  • The war's over, but i'm losing my job. This is a problem
  • It's not just you man. it's the whole economy
  • After the American Revolution, an economic Depression hit the United States. People lost their jobs and economic activity slowed down.
  • Shay's Rebellion, 1786. Lucas Prewitt Nov 5, 2018 6th Per.
  • Farmers were greatly impacted by this depression. Many farmers were in a very difficult situation as they could not repay their debts.
  • Hey we don't have enough money to pay our debts.
  • I know. This is a very bad situation.
  • To make matters even worse, the state of Massachusetts raised taxes. If farmers in Massachusetts could not pay his taxes, the state threatened to take his farm or throw the farmer in jail.
  • Why are they raising taxes and threatening me to go to jail. I gotta move.
  • In 1786, Daniel Shays, a former Patriot soldier who fought at Bunker Hill and Saratoga, organized a rebellion. 1,000 farmers took part in this rebellion. They gathered near a courthouse and prevented the state from taking farms from farmers who could not pay their taxes.
  • Do not take the farms!
  • We Must Rebel!
  • The government of Massachusetts sent the militia to drive the farmers away and to send them back to their farms.
  • Go back to your farms!!
  • Many Americans saw Shays' Rebellion as a sign that the Articles of Confederation did not work as an effective constitution for the United States of America.
  • We, and many others agree with you.
  • Man, this government is not effective at all. I think other people agree, too.
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