Monkey Paw Graphic Novel
Updated: 3/23/2020
Monkey Paw Graphic Novel

Storyboard Text

  • I beat you every time. You can't even win against your own son
  • Old Mr White can compete with you anymore. Your too good.
  • Welcome Sergeant Morris. I didn't think you would come in this weather.
  • Neither did I, but I came, all the way from India to England. 1980s is a strange year. don't you think?
  • This is a magic monkey paw, that grants the owner 3 wishes. I wished once, and someone wished before me, so only one more person will be granted wishes.
  • I have decided I will throw away this curse, so no one will experience it again
  • Mr White grabbed the paw from the fire, rescuing it from its fate.
  • No please. Let me have it so I can have 3 wishes and I will wish for small things.
  • Wish for some money, 200 pounds
  • Mr White wished for 200 pounds, and did not expect to receive the moneyBUT THEN..
  • I wish for 200 pounds
  • What is that man doing outside, shalI invite him inside?
  • Why not, he seems nervous or distressed. Perhaps we could help?