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Updated: 12/18/2019
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  • Join us uncle it will be a wonderful night full of games, drinking, dining, and fun!
  • Bahh! Humbug, there is no reason for me to attend a party about a holiday which I don't celebrate
  • No! That's impossible Jacob Marley died 7 years ago
  • Who are you?!
  • I was your business partner in life, I am Jacob Marley.
  • Alright then! Let's go home little Fan.
  • I've come to take you home for Christmas brother!
  • Scrooge's nephew comes to greet his uncle as he is going to invite him to upcoming Christmas party, which Scrooge does not take kindly to. Scrooge has always been a crabby person and was seen by many as a bad person
  • I have come to show you present day Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • Scrooge receives a visit from his old business partner Jacob Marley. Marley comes back as a ghost and tells Scrooge to change the way he lives or when he dies he will carry around a chain for all of eternity, this chain holds all of your lifes sins
  • Please, no! I'll change my ways. I'l never act the same again!
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge his past, he first shows Scrooge as a young lad being picked up from academy by his little sister Fan on Christmas day.
  • Welcome, uncle thank you so much for coming!
  • Of course Fred, thank you so much for having me
  • When Scrooge wakes up down the hall he can see light emitting from his main hall. Scrooge walks in to find a very tall man eating food and laughing. This is when the Ghost of Christmas Present introduces himself.
  • The ghost shows him a future where Scrooge has just died and people don't want to go to his funeral and steal his things and get away with it because no one cares about him. All the while Scrooge doesn't know the "dead rich guy" was him. Scrooge is finally told that the dead man was him along and this makes Scrooge want to change his ways
  • Scrooge wakes up and it's Christmas Day. Scrooge has a hop in his step and does many acts of good throughout the day. Scrooge donates to charity, gives a prize turkey to the Cratchit's house, and goes to his nephew's Christmas party.
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