task situation

Updated: 6/14/2020
task situation

Storyboard Text

  • Ok!Let's start then.Hi.My name is Ana and I am the manager!
  • Good morning Guys, today we are gonna pretend we are in a specific situation!One of you is gonna be the visitor and the other one the manager from a company ok!
  • Hi!Ana!Nice to meet you!I'M Carla from Samsung!
  • Carla We talked on the phone a little while!It' a pleausure having you here visiting our company!
  • OH!The pleasure is all mine.I'm responsible for the marketing department!
  • Well, I am responsible for all the production staff!It's a lot of work!And you can you manage all that marketing job?
  • Well, done girls!We just use the language for a specific purpose!
  • Well, At least I try!Samsung is a hard working brand on the market so i have to be tough!