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Ludi Funebres II A
Updated: 4/17/2020
Ludi Funebres II A
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  • Pocul in mare erat saxum ingens. Hoc saxum erat meta. naves ad metam ruebant. Navis Regenses quam dumorix diregebat, iam prior erat. A tergo belimicus, gubenator Cantiacus nautus suos viturperat.Far off in the sea there is huge rock. This rock is the turning point. Ships rush to turn around the rock. Regenses ship who is steered by dumorix are in the front. in the back Belimcius with the helmsmen cantiacus who curses himself.
  • Dumonorix, ubi saxo appropinquavit navet subito ad dextram "ecce". inquiet dumonrix "periculosum est nobis prop saxum navigare, quod multa saxa minora sub undis. latent. Necesse est nobis saxa vitare.When dumorix approached a rock the boat suddenly turned right. Look said dumorix. "this is dangerous we sail close to rocks. Because many rocks lie hidden under the waves. It is nessacary that we avoid them
  • hBelimicus tamen, qui haec saxa ignorbat, curium rectum tenebat. Commites slamvit Ecce! Nos vincere possumus, quod Dumnorix ad dextram abiit. Hi Regeneses sunt timidi; facile est nobis vincere, quod nos sumus fortioresBelimicus however did not know about the rock and kept a straight course. A comrade shouted look we will be. able to be victorious. Because Dumorix went right. This Regenses is fearful. We will easily be victorious because we are more brave
  • Naute cantaci Belimico credebant. mox navem Regnensem superaverunt et priores ad metam adverunt. Belimicus qui saxa periculosa non videt, Dumnorgen deridebat.The sailor belimico had faith. Soon the ship Regensem would over power and arrive first at the turning point. Belimicus did not see the dangerous rock.
  • Subito navi cantinas in sala incurrit. Nautea perterriti clamaverunt. Aqua nave metam adverunt. Belimcicus et cntaci nihil facesse poteranno navis mos summersa erat. Suddenly the ship ran into a rock the terrified sailors shouted. Water filled the ship. There was nothing Belimicus could so and soon the ship sunk
  • Intrea Dummorix, qui summa cum cure navigbat, circum metam navem direxit.Meanwhile with care Dummorix sailed his ship around the turning point.
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