Updated: 2/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Edward heard an unexpected sound. The noise was very unusual and nothing he had heard before. After hours of hunting fish in the sea, he was drowsy. Could his mind be playing tricks on him?
  • During his childhood, villagers told tales of how the caves near the beach were haunted. With his mind overloaded with wicked and frightening scenes....A numbing shudder exploded in his body as he wondered, “is this for real.”
  • Carefully, he tiptoed across the wet sand, avoiding making a sound. He eventually arrived at the cave entrance where he could still hear the loud, alarming noise. He hesitated and bravely said “who is there?”
  • Inside the grotto, Edwards breathing was rapid. He cautiously investigated the blackness around him. Flashes of lightening lit up the entire area in front of him. Threatening shapes were produced everywhere causing his legs to collapse in fear.
  • Despite everything, what happened next was unexpected. He encountered an intense pecking sound. It was like a hammer hitting the floor. He immediately moved away from the noise. With his heart thumping in his chest, he whispered to himself “Edward be brave.”
  • As he arrived at the end of the cave, he stopped. “Is there someone here?” “Can I help you?” Edward spoke in a half-whisper. Immediately, the cave became lighter and he could now see clearly. Next to the filthy wall in front of him was the true identity of the intruder glaring at him. Not a ghost or monster. No, it was a blackbird pecking at his nest.