Updated: 1/22/2020
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  • obedience? disobedien? Whistle blowing?
  • Bocchiaro wanted to investigate the role of dispositional factors in obedience, disobedience and whistle blowing.
  • What would you do?
  • What would others do?
  • obey
  • Bocchiaro took inspiration from Milgram's study and he wanted to understand a persons individual and social nature of variation
  • 3.6% 31.9% 64.5% 18.8% 43.3% 37.3%
  • what they would do what they believed others would do
  • disobey
  • whistle blow
  • 92 undergraduates took part in a pilot test to ensure the test was credible and morally acceptable so Bocchiaro could get presumed consent. This maximizes validity and rights, and addresses ethical considerations. Furthermore it removes demand characteristics 
  • 138 comparison students were given a detailed description of the experiment and were asked what they would do and what they believed others would do
  • These were the results
  • 160 participants from the university took part in the study and were informed what the task was, the potential risks and that they could withdraw if they wanted to. Then they were introduced to a stern Dutch man who was the experimenter
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