Part 1

Updated: 5/12/2020
Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • God creates humans in his image to continue his work but the humans decided to live their way not God's.
  • Violence and selfishness breaks out and fills the world.
  • So God decides to start over with 1 family.
  • It wasn't to long after that when Saul turned his back on God. So soon after Samuel told Saul God rejected him as king.
  • God made a covenant with a man named Abraham
  • After generations the population grew bigger and the egyption people became fearful so they enslaved all the israelites.
  • After 40 years they finally arrived back home thanks to God talking to Moses and helping him out along the way.
  • A heroic man named moses led the isralites in a great exodus back to their promise land.
  • David soon returned to God and made songs for him called Palms.
  • Samuel found a young sheperd boy naed David. When David grew up to be king he had an affair and killed someone as a cover up.
  • Israels greatest judge Samuel followed God's ways and became a prophet.The people told Samuel they did not want God as a king they wanted a human.So Samuel found a man named Saul.
  • After David served as kind his son Solomon followed inhis foot steps. Solomon became the richest king and built temples called tabernacles. Solomon married corrupt women a strayed away from God.