The wars still
Updated: 6/7/2020
The wars still
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  • I hear something, sounds like water and mud
  • "He got down and soothed the horse by rubbing its muzzle. Then he left it standing there and struck out into the fog alone" (pg.85)
  • The fog had begun to thicken agin. It was full of shapes that waved their arms" (pg.85)"Then Robert did hear something. Water. Asmooth, deep sound like a slucieway" (pg.85)
  • "He stepped towards it expectantly. Suddenly, his right foot went down. All the way down to the knee through the earth" (pg.85)"he was going to drown. He went in all the way to his waist" (pg.85)
  • "He lay with his head back. The mud pressed down on his thighs. His neck was raw against his collar. He choked." (pg.86)"The fog came down like a muffler over his face" (pg.86)
  • "The wind and the fog were dabbling in his hair. The back of his head went all the way down and into the slush. In and out in and out in and out" (pg.86)
  • "He pulled himself forward with his legs like twisted ropes and then he gave a violent, sudden spasm and flopped face down in the slush. He was free. In a foot of water" (pg.87)
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