Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Jesus- "Soon people will discover who the Messiah truly is. I don't know if people will be expecting someone like me."
  • Isrealites- "I expect the Messiah to be a warrior to battle, kind, brave, and from the line of David. "
  • Jesus- "I am the Messiah that God has sent to you."
  • Isrealites- "Do you guys really believe that he is the Messiah. He looks doesn't look like he would be. He is from Galilee which makes him a washed up Jew so why would he be God's chosen one.
  • Jesus- "God has chosen me for a reason and you shall trust and blindly follow his decision. I know it doesn't seem like he would pick someone from Galilee who lived in a stone house and sleeps on a mat on the floor but he did."
  • Jesus- "Thank you Mary for teaching me about God and bringing me to church. Joseph thank you for teaching me how to be a carpenter and learn what hard work is. I wouldn't have been alive or made it this far in life without you guys. I am getting ready to go get baptized by John to grow in my faith. I will also be spreading God's message on journey to John as well."