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An Unexpected Rest Part 2
Updated: 9/2/2020
An Unexpected Rest Part 2
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  • I really shouldn't have let you in, but I trust you're not sick. Do you see my husband? He woke up sick today. I'm afraid it's the Black Death. My father passed away last week. This all just too much...
  • Umm.. lady. We shouldn't be in the same room as him then!
  • Yeah... I'm outta here.
  • That lady was... nice... but dang, I'm not trying to catch that Black Death. I'm still so confused. I want to go back home...
  • I mean at this point I'd just like to be acknowledged.
  • It's getting late. I'm stuck in this strange place. I can't really ask for help, because no one would want to get near me, well besides that crazy--but strangely nice--lady... nor would I want to get near them, because of this crazy Black Death situation. What do I do? Lord, help me!
  • Maybe if I bark, he will actually acknowledge me.
  • Woof!
  • Is that you, boy?! It's really you! I'm not alone! Thank the Lord! You followed me to wherever we are now. Do you know how to get back home, boy?? C'mon do that sniffy-smell thing you dogs do to figure out our way back home!
  • Oh, hey human. Now you need my help.. You're lucky I love you or else I'd let the wolves eat you.
  • Ok--I mean, Woof! Woof! Woof!
  • Oh my Gosh! I think he's waking up! Thank you God!
  • Doctor, come quickly! It's a miracle!
  • You would not believe it! I was stuck in this weird medieval place and there was a thing called the Black Death. People were getting sick and dying. No one was allowed outside in public. Everyone was confined to their homes. It was horrible! Hey... how long was I out for?? Why are you wearing a mask?!
  • Well first off you've been in a coma for six months. And... well, boy this is a bit awkward, but....
  • Nothing to see here. Just a dog in a mask. Just a dog in a mask...
  • Masks Required due to COVID-19
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