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Updated: 3/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hey girls I see you are finally off your phones! Anyway since I'm a teacher we did some experiments about being bored why don"t you try them out!
  • The Girls Are So Bored
  • Omg!!! I am soooo bored (zoe)
  • Omg samesies!!(Megan)
  • Yeaaa same (Alyssa)
  • The Experiment
  • The Exam
  • So now you girl are going to take a test ready....
  • I got 15
  • Samesies!!
  • I got 22
  • Megan, Alyssa, and Zoe were all hanging at Zoe's house they were on their phones for a while and they decided to unplug for a bit. But they were just so bored they didn't know what to do. Then Zoe's Mom came in and decided to help them out. 
  • So they did what Zoe's Mom suggested and Zoe watched paint dry. Megan folded clothes. And, Alyssa sorted flowers. They had to do these tasks for 1 hour.
  • After the boring tasks they decided to share their thoughts on the experiment. So Zoe was the most bored.