Updated: 12/8/2020

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  • what a beautiful cliff
  • Grendel watches the ram on the edge of the cliff.
  • hey how are ya?
  • He stomps,yells,and throws rocks at him but the ram doesn't move
  • man what a cute cliff.
  • grendel gets upset and leaves the area.
  • Grendel then goes to Hrothgars medhall
  • He plans on getting another attack on the humans... The humans tried to trick him and turned the light off but grendel can see in the dark
  • sure!
  • 🎜so i put my hands up they're playing my song and the butterflies fly away🎝
  • lets sing together
  • But inside the castle...
  • Grendel hears the singing and is disgusted. It ruined his plan and now he returns home.
  • how gross.. time to go home.
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