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Updated: 1/14/2021
storyboard project

Storyboard Text

  • Introduction Cell
  • Ew. A test worth 100 points? I'm gonna fail so no need to study.
  • Test on "Barrio Boy" this Friday! Bring your StudSync books home to study!
  • 9-9-18
  • Body Cell 1
  • This test is actually easy since I read the text clearly unlike what I usually do.
  • Body Cell 2
  • Agenda:- Go over Barrio Boy test- Start new story in StudySync- Explain tonight's homework
  • You were the only one who got 100/100 on this test. Good job!
  • 9-18-18
  • One simple event created a big impact on my life. I was always thought I was not smart enough to get outstanding, above average grades, so I never tried my best in school.
  • Body Cell 3
  • Maybe I am smart enough to get good grades. I'll try harder to see what I'm capable of.
  • My English class read a short story. Reading was always boring to me. Whenever I would read something, I never thought much about it. However, the story my class was reading was very interesting, which lead me to think about it more. My class took a test about it.
  • Body Cell 4
  • I never thought I would be good enough to be standing up here.
  • These are the students who have achieved straight A's this trimester.
  • I got full credit on the big test, even though most students failed it. I was the only one to get every question right. Getting full credit on a big test led me to believe that I was smart enough to get good grades.
  • Conclusion Cell
  • I can get straight A's if I try hard enough. I don't know why I never had confidence in myself
  • Because of the test that I got full credit on, I gained confidence. I never believed that I was smart enough to get above average grade. However, when I received my test and saw that I got full credit, I finally believed that I am good enough to get good grades as long as I try hard enough.
  • When first trimester ended, I got straight A's. At first, I thought getting straight A’s the first time was simply luck. However, over time, I constantly got good grades on most of my assignments. Instead of thinking that it is just luck, I now believe that I am getting straight A’s because I work hard.
  • I never put complete effort in anything I did because I assumed that I was not good enough to do anything completely correct. However, now I always put in effort in all my work. Aiming for straight A's will always be a difficult task, but since I achieved it before, I have more confidence in myself.
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