Love story of a strong woman
Updated: 6/21/2020
Love story of a strong woman
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  • First day at work
  • He is late. Why are you so excited? 
  • Barack is here
  • He's handsome and so brainy like everyone says. I'm madly in love with him.
  • OMG! She's such a gorgeous
  • The second impression is always the good one
  • What's your pet peeve?
  • What do you decided to order?
  • We decided to order a Cesar salad and a cup of white wine, please.
  • How is he so confident? I can't stand it.
  • I abhor the junk
  • Working and dating
  • They are so cute together. I'm dying for see them as a couple.
  • I'm not a geek person. I don't use to call everyday.
  • If I don't talk with you, maybe I have to look someone else that can hear me. LOL
  • Michelle was working at her office in Sidley & Austin like everyday. And It's the first day of Barack in his new job. Michelle is angry because she hates the lost of time and she have a lot of job to do. She introduces Barack to his new job and she invite him to a dinner as usual in the company.
  • Family Time
  • wuhuuu... Yeyy!! Congratulations just married
  • Finally!! LOL
  • Michelle and Obama dating as partners. They fit in. Their customs, feelings and thoughts about the society, the way of the black people is treat and their childhoods are similar. They have feeling but they can't accept it.
  • Growing together
  • Girls! You can do whatever you want, but you have to work a lot, eforce a lot, help all the people you can and try to do this world a better place to live to everyone
  • A couple weeks later, Barack and Michelle fond of themselves. Everybody talk and feel the attraction between the Barack and Michelle. Obama impress the whole company with his way to do things and to solve the situations and Michelle was confused about her carreer and her feelings about Obama.
  • Still working and doing a change in the world
  • However i'd catch you
  • Finally, Michelle and Barack get married. They decided to give up to their jobs in Sidley and Austin. Barack wants to work for the people and he starts as a senator, meawhile Michelle was agree with Barack and suport him and works with him.
  • Michelle worked a lot with families of military, black people, immigrants and all the minorities. She found his real purpose. She doesn't want to be just a lawyer, she wants to help all people in topics like education, healthy habits, feel safety and raise their voices. She wants to show that young people that they have the power to change the reality and the world. 
  • Yes, we will do it!
  • Although Michele never wanted to be a first lady, however she knows that this position could be very helpful. She can make a real change. So she begins to work and get involved in issues like companies that sell fast food and make the population sick. She worked for 8 years. Then their family moved to a new house and she is still raising awareness for young people.
  • Hahaha
  • is it too late to say that I've never been agree to invite you to dinner your first day at Sidley & Austin?
  • yes, you'd it. LOL
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