U.S. History project
Updated: 1/16/2021
U.S. History project

Storyboard Text

  • The articles of confederation was a set of documents that made our federal government before the constitution. There was a power imbalance between the states and federal government due to the fact that the federal government held little to no power because of many weaknesses like they couldn't tax people or make a national army. The founders made such a weak power structure because they didn't want a repeat with the king in Britain
  • One weakness of the Articles of confederation was the fact that congress couldn't levy taxes on the citizens of the U.S. . This weakened the federal government as a whole because the government never had any money.
  • Another weakness of the AOC (Articles of Confederation) is that all 13 states had to unanimously agree on new changes on the AOC. This seriously weakened the AOC because the states could never really make any changes to the AOC.
  • The purpose of the Northwest Ordinance was suppose to settle how new states were made in the country. This process was marked down to how many people each territory had like if a territory had 5000 free male inhabitants which could vote it would become a legislative territory; and if it got 60,000 free males it could become a state
  • One right that settlers had in the Northwest Ordinance was the fact that they could follow religious freedom.Slavery in the Northwest Ordinance simply didn't exist because of the fact that the Northwest Ordinance banned slavery
  • The Shay's rebellion was a rebellion by farmers in 1786 in the state of Massachusetts for the amount of taxes they had on them which made a lot of them go into debt. The Shay's rebellion shows how the AOC failed as a government by proving the way they handled money didn't work. For example, the inflation was absurd, every state could print its own money, and the government was always out of money
  • Those poor farmers.