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the epic of beowulf
Updated: 9/20/2018
the epic of beowulf
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  • The Danes have been parting and having good time. When a evil creature named grendel heard and wanted revenge 
  • is anyone gonna save us?
  • The King step in and protects his people after grendel murders his people.
  • Father?
  • I'm sorry mother, i had to do it. they were hurting my ears mother.
  • Grendel return to his forbideen cave. Back at the Danes beowulf has came in hope of saving the danes from the creature.
  • Its okay my son. Go to sleep my son.
  • Grendel comes back to the herot to come get his revenge on the danes but when he meets beowulf. 
  • i will fight to protect the danes.
  • whats this a human who is not like no other.
  • They fought and fought banging on the walls, when beowulf rips grendel arm off
  • beowulf determined to finish the battle, he goes to the forbidden cave where he meet a creature more powerful the grendel. 
  • Much stronger then grendel, must use a sword.
  • You killed my son, so i will end your life.
  • its time to protect my people. wiglaf if i were to die build me big tomb to remember my name
  • Beowulf goes to the dragon cave, they fight and ight untill beowuf defeats the dragon but with the cost of his own life.
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