Heat Transmission

Updated: 10/15/2020
Heat Transmission

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to my Lab, today I will teach you about the heat.
  • In this pot the water will heat, because of convection. Is the transfer of energy as heat by the movement of liquid or gas.
  • Wow, I didn't know that!
  • Here we are taking a good sunlight. We are having radiation in our skin. The sun is the most significant source of radiation. It transfers energy by electromagnetic waves. That why we feel our skin burning.
  • Oh, that's why I feel like fried chicken.
  • Why I can't feel heat at this door?
  • Because is an insulator, an insulator is a poor conductor of heat, that's why you can't feel it.
  • I have a cup of hot chocolate. If I put a spoon inside of it, it will be warm in minutes, because of the conduction.It's the transfer of energy as heat from one substance to another through direct contact.
  • I don't want to be holding the spoon...
  • Thank you for coming.