Luke/Nate Storyboard
Updated: 3/13/2020
Luke/Nate Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Andy,pg.34 "5-4-3-2- its in... and its good"Andy is a good b-ball player and likes to party.strength- basketball skillsweakness- handling his emotionsDriving the car when it crashedIs Robbie mad at him?
  • RobbiePg.8 "Robbie Washington, He's ...He's ... He's dead"Robbie is a star b-ball player.Strength- SportsWeakness- IRL decison makingStuck in car and it blew into flames.His friends think it is there fault.
  • BJPg.13"Is it my fault that Robbie is dead."Bj is the friend that is not the sports star just fun to be around.Strength- Relationship with god.weakness- Making sports teams.Could have stopped the car and the crash.Not being tall and good at sports like his friends are.
  • Tyronepg-14 "He screamed what seemed like a long time.Then it was real quiet"Is beginning to catch feelings for Rhonda and was inside the car when the accident happenedStrength-honesty Weakness-peer pressure Was apart of the wreck that killed robIs still struggling to get over his best friend dying
  • Keishapg-88 "At peace.Like i wish you could be"Andy's lover and helping him through this tough timeStrength- LoveWeakness-StrengthIs Andy's girlfriend and they are in love and always try to help each other out during tough times
  • Geraldpg 69-"And I think I've had enough"Was not in the crash and is beatenStrength-being responsibleWeakness- DadIs beaten by his dad and was made go home by his dad which kept him out of the trash.