Civil War comic
Updated: 4/1/2021
Civil War comic

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  • Differences between the North and Southby Luke Harrison3/31/2021Period 4
  • We are all Americans but we don't agree on a lot.
  • In the North we like the exciting city life.
  • In the South we like living on big plantations.
  • In the North we like making things in factories.
  • In the South we like growing things on all our land.
  • Business is booming in the North.
  • We only need cotton, cotton and more cotton to make a living in the South.
  • Northerners want to raise tariffs. We would earn money on all the goods we make.
  • Southerners are against tariffs. We don't want to pay more for all the things we import.
  • Northerners think slavery is wrong and so does our President.
  • We need slaves to pick all that cotton in the South. We can't make a living without them. What do you want us to do, pick it ourselves?