Paradise Lost - book 9 (storyboard 2)
Updated: 8/2/2020
Paradise Lost - book 9 (storyboard 2)
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  • Seeing Eve was like being pent up in a disgusting city and moving to the countryside for fresh air. Satan forgot hate momentarily until he reminds himself of the hatred that brought him here.
  • She do be pretty tho ... Satan get a grip, she do be a pengting but at least she'll be easier to corrupt than a man.
  • Umm ... how can you speak? Bit shook ngl.
  • Satan licks the ground in which Eve walks on eventually gets her attention by speaking and giving flattery.
  • You're beautiful! Like a goddess!
  • But I can't eat from this tree, God said not to.
  • I just ate one of these apples and now I can talk and reason!
  • Satan gladly leads Eve to the tree bu Eve needs more persuasion to disobey God.
  • Don't worry, the only death you'll experience is the death of humanity to goddess status! Look at me, I'm fine.
  • I am very hungry and the fruit does look pretty good.
  • Satan convinces Eve that God will respect Eve's boldness and the reason God's forbidden the fruit is to keep her "low and ignorant".
  • The fruit is super powerful and it is even more tempting because it's forbidden.
  • Even questions why humans should be denied knowledge and if death was made only for mankind
  • This fruit is the most "precious" of all trees! I shall sing and eat from it everyday!
  • Eve questions whether or not to tell Adam about the fruit. She decides she must as if she dies Adam will be gifted a new Eve.
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