My trip to Lisbon | Luna56

Updated: 5/20/2020
My trip to Lisbon | Luna56

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Today I am going to explain my trip to Lisbon when I've going after 2 years, also thank you so much for Paige to join it <3 Stay safe indoors and make sure you watch more

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  • (Editor note: I didn't sleep very well at that day beacuse the bed wasn't confurtable/ sofa-bed)
  • Hi and welcome to another moment with me, Luna! <3Today, we will talk about a trip I did 2 years ago: Lisbon
  • Thank you so much for paige help me while I explain the story <3
  • So I went with my family to a Volvo meeting! (A car mark) in Lisbon, there were a lot of Volvo cars around there
  • We all going to be Ok :3
  • I also rode a speedboat which I enjoyed a lot and loved a lot more!!!
  • We also spent a night in a hotel and visited Sintra, the village and the Cabo da Roca, a very windy and high place. Beautiful landscapes.
  • I am anxious to repeat another trip once this virus is controlled.