The Kidnap
Updated: 6/4/2020
The Kidnap

Storyboard Text

  • ... and that's how I lived 24 hours in the airport.
  • Your aunt was really kind to take your passport back to you. I would kick you if I was her for leaving it at home.
  • Holy cow! that's horrible! But don't you worry about me, Chad, I swear I will be okay!
  • oh you’re joking, what happened?
  • Don't you want me to take you home? Yesterday my mum got home shocked because of an attack
  • She was walking home in the night and a guy attacked her. It was a street robery
  • why is Drake following me?
  • Please, Drake, I don't want to talk to you...
  • Do not say anything and don't you dare to scream! Just get in the car and follow my instructions. NOW!
  • Want to know why I'm doing this? I did a fraud, and the only way to save myself is to get some money to pay my fine to this guy. So your parents must pay your rescue, or I kill you. Simple!
  • oh my dear Katie, where are you?