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drama storyboard
Updated: 3/26/2019
drama storyboard
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  • The film starts with an aerial shot of a neighborhood with a beautiful soundtrack illuminating the neighborhood. The soundtrack makes the viewer feel welcome and happy.The camera starts with a sharp focus as it travels through a couple of houses.
  • As the camera starts to pass the second set of houses, for a quarter of a second, the camera focuses primarily on a man in his window known as the "creepy neighbor" for two frames. The only human in the pretty neighborhood home sequence.
  • The sequence ends with a close up of the Smith family. They are having trouble come up with some money that they desperately need. They are conversing as to how and who they would rob because they're already working two jobs and sold most of their valuables. Scene is shot as a medium shot that dissolves into a split screen shot when they agree on their victim.
  • Meet Abigor and Abigail. TheJohnson family.They are a neighborhood-involved, loved by all, nice, wonderful family that can do no wrong. The camera had cut to them in a medium shot while they were barely leaving their home.
  • We cut back to the Smith family planning the robbery. They have it set that the victim will be the Johnson family. The camera is a medium shot of them conversing about the plan.
  • The Smiths take advantage of the rain and that the Johnsons are not there, so they decide to rob the house that night. This scene is presented as a long shot that focuses on them and has the empty house on the background. No sound is made other than them quietly entering the house through an unlocked window. 
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