Semestral Exam

Updated: 6/19/2020
Semestral Exam

Storyboard Description

Revenge of the Geeks, storyboard Luisa Valeria Hernandez Sarmiento

Storyboard Text

  • By the end of school, popular peers may be remembering the best years of life.
  • While those seen as outsiders are relieved to leave what seem like a sentence
  • A place where they do not fit, for having skills that will most likely be useful in the future
  • There have been many examples;
  • Taylor Swift
  • They hate my taste for country Music
  • I live too much inside books, no one likes it
  • J. K Rowling
  • That is why encouraging adolescents to be themselves is important
  • Geek Chik
  • All their abilities will be useful when they get a job
  • Nerd Mech
  • It doesn't just 'get better'
  • Being different has always been a strength