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Updated: 8/30/2020
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  • During the night of Passover, for killing the children of Israelites, God will kill the first born of Egyptians but provides a way to escape through sacrificing a young lamb’s blood smeared over the door frame of their house which the children were spared.
  • With the first five plagues, the pharaoh was given a chance to redeem himself but he never does so.
  • With the Pharoah‘s pride, he loses his first born causing to let the Israelites go
  • While the Israelites safely pass through the sea that Moses had parted, the Pharoah was struck by his own demise.Through their travel to Mt Sinai, God provided them food and water even if they were complaining
  • God invites Israel for a close and unique relationship with him, forming a covenant.He gave set of laws which include the ten commandments.
  • Moses goes up to the mountain himself and was instructed to build a tent where God’s presence could be felt
  • When Moses came down,Israelites broke first two commandments by worshiping other idol (the golden calf)
  • NO!
  • Even though God was displeased with the actions, he was a merciful God and so he spared them and made them build a tabernacle.
  • The tabernacle with God’s presence was built, but Moses cannot enter the tabernacle due to the strange relationship cause by the actions of Israelites.
  • Made by: John Louie L. Gayoso, BSPT3A
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