Updated: 10/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello welcome to the Zulu empire. In the next 5 slides you will learn about what we trade, some of our artwork, our religion, economy, and important things we study. (In that exact order)l
  • In this scene the japan empire is trading with a person from the zulu empire
  • If you give me some slaves ill give you some slik.
  • What do you want for the slaves then?
  • Shang chi's rings
  • I don't silk
  • PLEASE READ: I couldn't upload picture you need to pay to do that but basically in this scene its hard to describe there artwork so it looks way better than just the smiley face so idk
  • This is a comparison to zulu's artwork compared to Americas.
  • This scene talks about Zulus religion and they are all strait Christians.
  • Thx
  • Love u god
  • This scene is briefly discussing the economy of the Zulu empire.
  • The Zulus empire is baced on cattle and a considerable amount of agriculture. Here's an example villages villages were economically self sufficient. (I looked that up)
  • We good?
  • We got so much agriculte I think where chillin.
  • Something important about the Zulu empire is that the study magic and spirts.
  • I wish to be something random
  • F#@% YEA