bully boy
Updated: 1/13/2021
bully boy

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  • The next day..
  • John was going through the park when a group go kids came over to him and started calling him names
  • John was walking through the park when a group of kids called him names, took his stuff and pushed him around.
  • John when home did a pee went upstairs and stayed in his room for ever for 4 days trait crying and thinking about what the bullies did to him................
  • finally after 4 days of being in his room he went back to the park to settle the bulling ones and for all so he will never get bullied ever again
  • in the end he beat the little gang and they ran away never to be seen again except the girl who was nice to JOHN so we became friends
  • then every day John and his knew best friend carried on being friends and met up at the park every day to play together.
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