Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Description

Yr 7 Ed

Storyboard Text

  • Day 1:God created the universe and gave it light. Then he separated the light and the dark and named it DAY and NIGHT.
  • Day 2:God divided the water into two yo keep it into 2 different places. And called it the top part the SKY
  • Day 3: God merged the water and the sky so LAND was formed and he called it EARTH and called the water SEA. On this day he said the Earth was to produce plants .
  • Day 4:God separated light and darkness and called it night and day plus made years and seasons. Also he created the son for light,stars for light, the moon for light.
  • Day 5:God created life for the sea and life for the sky, birds.
  • Day 6/7:God made lots of animals for the earth. Then made human beings like us. Finally the 7th day was rest