bulling CAT term 2 part 2

Updated: 6/19/2020
bulling CAT term 2 part 2

Storyboard Text

  • the people who I thought were my friends ran away from me and I don't know were they where
  • o honey that's horrible ….let's go speak to your teacher
  • ok mummy
  • ok I'll go talk to your teacher wait here
  • hello my daughter is having trouble finding friends the people she thought were her friends have been running away from her and Courtney can't find them
  • hello girls I've heard you've been running away from Courtney that's not very nice
  • thankyou for letting me know I will speak to them and try to help Courtney
  • Lisa, Alice, Jessica
  • Hi Courtney what where you're friends names
  • bye
  • bye miss chairman is going to help you find some new friends today
  • and now we know that running away probably wasn't the best way to handle it
  • miss I can explain we don't mean to hurt her feelings were just trying to find the right group for her
  • we don't think she belongs in our group