my myth on fox glaciers
Updated: 3/23/2020
my myth on fox glaciers

Storyboard Text

  • To Be Alone
  • it sucks being alone
  • The Wish Arrives
  • oops it snows now
  • wow this place is wonderful
  • Antarctica
  • will you marry me
  • of course
  • A man once lived alone on a tropical Island his name was Antian and wished he could share his Island with a woman that he would love forever.
  • Antica's powers
  • son come here would you
  • what do i want next
  • Out in the distance at dawn you could see a woman arriving on the shoreline.Her name was Aretha. as she Walked through the meadows a white trail of snow followed her every step and snowflakes all over her.
  • Antai's powers
  • sorry mum dad and sis for everything
  • The woman in white soon enough turned the island from a tropical paradise to a blue and white snow covered land. Antian did not mind that his Island turned white as long as he had love.
  • fox glaciers
  • what were you thinking
  • Once Antian and Aretha were married they had a baby boy that could control ice. He also saved his family from when he and his family was on the edge of a falling cliff so rewarded him with whatever he wanted
  • But when his mother had Antai which she had the power to sprout any snow animal they didn't have time to look over Antica. Antica was full of jealousy and tried to freeze her foxes and all her other animals.
  • awww you cute cat
  • In a cage filled with water sinking to the bottom of the ocean freezing the land land to free himself his parents were very worried and it was all caused by Antian's jealousy
  • you could have died