Updated: 3/23/2020

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  • The Wedding
  • The Fight
  • Goodbye
  • Seperation
  • It all started at the wedding, both Felix and Octavia had forgotten about their old life and focused on the new , but no one had forgotten about the situation with the clans. Two days before Felix and Octavia's names had been pulled out of the hat to fight each other, but they had a plan, but it wouldn't end well.
  • Greenland
  • As Felix and Octavia walked into the ring, the crowd cheered. They were both equipped with daggers and were told to fight their hardest. So they stepped forward to the crowd and before anyone could stop them, they stuck the daggers into their hearts
  • Iceland
  • Since the death of the girl's parents, Cecilia and Valentina had been even worse with how much they fought, so Zeus and Athena decided to separate them. Zeus created an island for each of the girls, so that he could trick them into going there.When the girls got there, he made a force field trapping them in.
  • The End
  • After trying and trying to get out Cecilia decided that she was stuck there for good, so she renamed her island Greenland even though her land was covered in ice.Cecilia didn't like doing things for herself so she her country Greenland so people would want to come and as soon as they did she would capture and imprison all of them and make them her slaves.
  • Valentina n the other hand decided that since her country was so green and lavish, everybody would want to come, but since she wanted it all to herself, she named her country Iceland so no one would want to come
  • And that is why Greenland is green, and Iceland is ice