Covid-19 Commercial
Updated: 5/8/2020
Covid-19 Commercial

Storyboard Text

  • Forever21 Closed Due To COVID-19
  • Forever 21 Delivers!
  • ( Somber music plays) For over 35 years, Forever21 has been serving Canadians just like you.
  • ( Somber music plays) During these unprecedented times, we know how hard it is to do the things you love.( Somber music fades into happy music)
  • ( Happy music plays) Now you can, thanks to Forever21's new delivery system.
  • ( Happy music plays) With one click of a button...
  • ( Happy music plays)We deliver right to your door step because we care about the safety of our customers.( Happy music fades into somber music)
  • We are in this together and you can count on us here at Forever21. ( Somber music fades)