Fall of Rome
Updated: 4/16/2020
Fall of Rome

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  • The direct reason for Rome falling was because of an attack from barbarians in 476CE, with Odoacer exiling the last Roman emperor, Odoacer.
  • The barbarians were able to get in because many of the "barbarians" were already in the empire as Germanic soldiers, who were most loyal to money, not Rome.
  • Another reason for the fall of Rome was the empire's over-reliance on slaves. They were used for building and agriculture. When slaves ran out, Rome had to pay for all of the workers doing jobs from then on.
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  • Another cause for Rome's fall was the empire's economical problems. The military took up 30% of the empire's budget, which became unsustainable.
  • In addition, in around 300CE, the east of the Roman empire had become the Byzantine Empire, with a very urbanised Constantinople, which caused the west side, the one with Rome, to become more poor.
  • Also, the fall of Rome was partially because of the empire's fixation on expansion. The further the empire spread from Rome, the less power it had on that land.
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