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English Assessment
Updated: 11/18/2018
English Assessment
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  • Actors movement: Jonathan and Adele have just finished there romantic date, and Adele is deeply in love. Camera movement: In this cell there is a close up shot, showing how deeply in love Adele is with Jonathan. Soundtrack: There is use of non diegetic piano music. Creating suspense by using cacophonous noise
  • Actors movement: Jonathan has moved to another position with another girl, cheating on Adele. Adele has found out hiding behind a car. Camera movement: In this cell there a long shot used to show the reaction to Jonathan's cheating. Soundtrack: There is diegetic sound of an ambulance driving
  • Actors movement: This cell shows Adele furiously following Jonathan and another girlfriend. Camera movement: In this cell there is a wide shot showing the entire road and the cars. Soundtrack: There is use of diegetic sound in this cell synchronising with this image.
  • Actors movement: There is another setting in which Johnathan and the other girl are leaning against each other. Camera movement: There is a wide shot used showing the character and there setting. Soundtrack: The use of silence shows that her anger is a quiet fury.
  • Actors movement: Adele and Jonathan’s lover confront Jonathan as he goes on a date with a third woman Camera movement: A panning shot in a circular motion to show all the women’s disgusted facial expressions Soundtrack: Diegetic sound of all of the women shouting which becomes louder and louder - to build suspense and a sense of chaos
  • Actors movement: Jonathan is on his knees pleading for mercy from Adele and his lover Camera movement: Medium, low-angle shot of Adele and Jonathan’s lover, in between them is the back of Jonathan’s head - this shows that the women have a lot of power over Jonathan. Soundtrack: Silence - this gives a sense of uncertainty for Jonathan’s future
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