Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • In 1940 the Axis powers invaded Paris and the battle of Britain took place. In December of 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and The United States enters war as an allie power.
  • The Second World War bursted in September 1939, after Hitler invaded Poland. This War lasted 6 years and had a total of 85 million deaths.
  • In 1945 the allied powers arrived to Berlin and liberated the city. USA attacked Hiroshima and Nagasaki and gave an end to the war, Germany loosing.
  • In 1943 Italy surrended to the allied powers and in 1944 the allies finally arrived to Normandine, France , and liberated it.
  • -The first thing that should´ve hapenned different was Hitler´s death. If he didn´t killed himself there would´ve been an oportunity for a peace process. He would´ve also had to be willing to negociate. -Next would´ve been that when USA and Russia arrived to Berlin a negotiation table was placed for both parts to start discussing the end of war.
  • What would´ve hapenned if a peace process should´ve been stablished?
  • The first point to discuss in the agenda would be the liberation of jews and intersected people in the concentration camps left. The agreement sould be to liberate and not submit anyone to worked force because of religion, race, culture etc...
  • This would´ve been the start of a negotiation processs. The next step would have been to create an agenda with specific points to negociate and a neutral place to discuss them. A train or a boat could´ve been a good place.
  • The second point to discuss would be the territory. Since Hitler was almost defeated at this time he would have to give up on some territory due to his disadvantage position.
  • The third and last point would discuss how the world would follow the consequences of war, not repeating past mistakes like in WWI and how Germany was totally affected, but also expecting consequences like economical punishments and relations with the international community.
  • The creation of the UN and the establishment of Israel as a state would also be discussed, to give jews a recognition and avoid further problems.
  • The Second World War is probably one of the conflicts with most impact in history. It taught us various things, starting with discrimination, nobody has the right to treat inferior or punish someone because of their religion. Hundreds of jews were killed with no valid reason! The war also taught us at what point someone (Hitler, Mussolini) can get to achieve what he wants. Thirst for power is dangerous. The Second World War showed us that war is not a solution, but an excuse to keep fighting.
  • Hi! I´m Mabe, to finish let´s talk about the lessons of this war
  • Hello! I´m Pedro, this war left us different lessons, like how bad someone can be and how awful things can end, lets see more...
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