Julius Caesar
Updated: 1/12/2021
Julius Caesar

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  • Act I
  • "Beware the Ides of March" (I:II: 23)
  • Act II
  • "It must be by his death; and for my part, I know no personal cause to spurn on him (II:I:10-11)
  • Act III
  • "Et tu Brute? - Then falls Caesar" (III:I:78)
  • In this scene the Soothsayer is warning Caesar about Ides of March. Caesar stands there very confused about what will happen that day. Ides of March means March 15th. The town goes crazy on this day because of dept.
  • Act IV
  • "That you have wronged me doth appear in thins" (IV:II:53)
  • In this scene Brutus is explaining to Lucius how he wants to kill Caesar. Lucius has to agree with him so he tells him where his sword is. Brutus is going to do this because he doesn't think Caesar is man enough to be king. Lucius doesn't want him to be dead but has to agree with Brutus.
  • Act V
  • In this scene Brutus is stabbing Caesar. Caesar lays there trying to get Brutus to stop. Brutus kills Caesar because he won't become king. The other reason Brutus does this is because he thinks it will be better for the town
  • Theme
  • In this scene Cassius and Brutus start arguing a lot. Brutus tries to accusing Cassius of what he's done wrong. Cassius the tells Brutus what he's done wrong. He also reminds Brutus that he killed Caesar.
  • "Caesar, now be still. / I killed not thee with half so good will. (V:V: In 50-51)
  • In this scene Brutus ends up killing himself. Brutus does this because half his army is dead and so is Cassius. He thinks that there is no reason for him to be here. He says this because people are finding out he killed Caesar and they don't like him.
  • I think the theme of this story is be careful of who of you trust. I think this because Brutus was suspicious the whole story. It felt like he was sneaking around a lot. With that being said he end up killing Caesar and making his servant kill him.
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