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The Hobbit Book Project 2
Updated: 9/29/2018
The Hobbit Book Project 2
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  • The band found refuge and good advice at the home of Elrond, an elf in the valley of Rivendell. He hosted them for several weeks before sending them off on a good route to cross the Misty Mountains. He also discovered the moon-runes on Thorin's map, guiding them to the secret door.
  • Welcome, weary travelers.
  • After escaping from the goblin-caves, their danger was far from over. The band was beset by evil wolves, or Whargs and almost burned alive. Fortunately the eagles flew in and rescued them just in time.
  • Nooo!
  • Aaaoooh!
  • Take that, evil brutes!
  • Grrrrr!
  • Bilbo arrived at his home in the middle of an auction to sell his things! He was forced to prove his authenticity, and remained as Mr. Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit of no longer unimpeachable reputation.
  • When they reached the Lonely Mountain, they camped nearby until Bilbo was able to find the secret door. They brought up some supplies by rope and stayed there until forced into the passage by the dragon.
  • Bilbo, you're a genius!
  • Well...
  • The elves soon came to claim some of the treasure. Bilbo, finding any attempts to convince Thorin Oakenshield, King under the Mountain, to avoid conflict with them, made his own plan. He brought the Arkenstone, the most valuable gem in the hoard, to the Elvenking, who bargained with Thorin with it.
  • How can it be yours to give?
  • I have never seen anything like it!
  • Well done, Bilbo! Well done!
  • Once the excitement was all over, Gandalf took Bilbo back to his cozy hobbit-hole. They safely arrived with several bags of gold, to the dismay of the other hobbits.
  • Hobbiton, 63 miles
  • You have changed, Bilbo Baggins! You are not the same hobbit of a year ago!
  • Roads go ever, ever on, over rock and under tree.
  • Auction of the belongings of former B. Baggins, presumed dead.
  • Of course it's me!
  • It can't be you!
  • Bilbo?
  • Prove it!
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