Science Reproduction Test

Science Reproduction Test

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  • Alex and Lexie are married. They just had sex. During that process, Lexie was very excited and her vagina became moist. Alex was excited to have sex too. So his penis was filled with blood. After that his penis became stiff. While having sex, Alex inserted his penis into Lexie's vagina and all the sperm cells (male sex cell) raced down Alex's penis to Lexie's Vagina. The female sex cell (egg), stores the mother's DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid ) and some ingredients to make the baby. It basically has the baby that has not been activated to make it grow. The male sex cell is to activate the egg cell to make the baby to grow and it has some of the ingredients and the dad's DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid ). The sperm will be going to go to the ovary where it is going to fertilize at least one egg cell. When Alex's male sex cell (sperm cell) reaches the ovary and Lexie's sex cell (egg cell) both of the cells (sperm and egg cell) joined and the nucleus join and had half of the information to make a baby with all the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid ) in them.
  • Alex and Lexie were told that Lexie was pregnant to a baby. The doctor said that the egg and sperm cell (fertilized) was dividing to form a ball of cell called an embryo. An embryo is usually about 5 mm long. It has a small heart to pump blood at five weeks. The embryo gets supplies like oxygen, food and water from a small uterus longing called the cord. The baby inside the womb is surrounded by some watery liquid called amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid protects the baby as it grows. After about 10 weeks the baby has all the organs it needs in the future and it is 4 cm. But it still uses the cord. Soon, after 15 weeks, the fetus (the stage after embryo) is 16cm long. Lexie could feel her baby's movements because the baby learned (learnt) how to kick and punch in her stomach. Lexie would have a hard time sleeping.
  • The new mother, Lexie, had trouble breathing and saw changes in her body. The reason why she had trouble breathing because her lungs were squashed due to the baby growing bigger and bigger in her womb. Lexie's body was changing because her body was getting ready for the baby to come out and because her body needs to give essential supplies to her baby. Alex was wondering why Lexie body was changing. He asked the doctor and the doctor said that her breasts were bigger and tender because the female hormone was preparing to breastfeed the baby. Her breasts were growing bigger and bigger because she needed the right parts so the milk from the breast can produce in time for the newborn baby.
  • Whenever Lexie had to walk up the stairs, she often felt very tried. This is because her and Alex's baby was costing Lexie some extra weight. But Lexie had to do some light exercise because she needed to keep her muscles strong. In order for the birth to be successful, Lexie had to have strong muscles. Viruses, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol is very dangerous both to the mother (Lexie) and the fetus because they will go through the placenta (womb) and into the fetus. This could cause damage because they would impact the fetus's development in an unhealthy way and it would end up being sick or looking different.
  • 9 months (40 weeks) later, Lexie was just pregnant to a baby. The baby cried when it took its first breath because the world outside the womb is very different and that baby's heart changed due to the two different places it was at. The baby came out from Lexie's cervix after the muscles relax and losen. The uterus started to push or contract. The labour started. Labour is when a baby is about to be born. After the cervix becomes 10 cm wide, the baby starts to make its way out to amnion and the amnion breaks. After the amnion broke, the amnion fluid flows out of the vagina. Then the female hormone made the hip bones to part for a while to let the baby to come out. Then the baby came out from the vagina. Usually, the baby' heads come out first. And Alex's baby's head came out first. Then the cord was cut off after the baby came out and it left a belly button.
  • Lexie was breastfeeding her baby because her baby was hungry and she needed to bond with her baby. They were bonding because they made physical and eye contact, Lexie was talking to her baby and feeding it. The baby could recognize its parents voices because it hears it all the time. By the time the baby is 18 months old, the baby can tell the difference between different emotions A few days later( almost first week of brith), Alex's baby can recognize familiar faces.
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