Theres been a death in the opposite house
Updated: 3/22/2020
Theres been a death in the opposite house

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  • There's Been a Death in the Opposite Hoouse
  • Poem by: Emily Dickinson
  • R.I.P
  • ?
  • There's been a Death, in the Opposite HouseAs lately as TodayI know it, by the numb lookSuch Houses have—alway
  • The Neighbors rustle in and outThe Doctor—drives awayA Window opens like a PodAbrupt—mechanically
  • Man found dead in local house!
  • Somebody flings a Mattress outThe Children hurry byThey wonder if it died—on thatI used to—when a Boy
  • The Minister—goes stiffly inAs if the House were HisAnd He owned all the Mourners—nowAnd little Boys—besides
  • Of Tassels—and of Coaches—soonIt's easy as a SignThe Intuition of the NewsIn just a Country Town