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Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • STB1033: General Genetic
  • Grace
  • Olivia
  • What is Random Genetic Drift?
  • As been taught, genetic drift is a change in the frequency of an allele within a population over time. This change in the frequency of the allele or gene variation must occur randomly in order for genetic drift to occur. There are no environmental influences that cause genetic drift to occur.
  • Genetic Drift
  • Olivia and Grace are doing group discussion at Olivia's house. Grace: Olivia, can you explain to me what is random genetic drift and how does it effect the allele or gene frequencies in the population?Olivia: Sure.
  • The result of genetic drift
  • Olivia: This are the explanation about what is genetic drift. Next, I'm going to give one simple example of genetic drift.
  • Conclusion
  • To conclude, this is one of the example on how genetic drift can result in the loss of rare alleles, and can decrease the size of the gene pool. Not only that genetic drift also reduces the heterozygosity of the population, resulting in reduced genetic variation.
  • For example in this area, there are brown fur rabbit and grey fur rabbit with grey fur being the dominant allele.
  • Group members
  • 1. Mac Cheryl Sulan Charles Emparang (72312)2. Jacklin Anak Mathew (72283)3. Romia Rona Tagang (71417)4. Mary Briannalyn Anak Beriak (70137)5. Muhammad Amirul Izany (72399)
  • By random chance, the offspring will mostly be grey and this could reduce or eliminate the allele for brown fur.
  • Conclusion, genetic drift can have several effect on population which is can reduced the genetic variation.
  • The end.
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