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elements storyboard
Updated: 9/29/2020
elements storyboard
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  • Yes of course! Just make sure you bring it back!!
  • Would you mind if I also borrowed some jewelry? Like a necklace!
  • You did what? That isn't even my necklace! You have to pay for this!
  • I'm home but I have something to say, don't be mad! I lost the necklace, I'm so sorry!
  • Mathilda had to attend and she is upset because she doesn't have a good dress to wear. Loriel gives her some money to get a good enough dress. Now she is upset because she has no jewelry to go with the dress. The setting shows that shows that she is at her house, but it sets a more gloomy mood because of her emotions.
  • I promise I will make it up to you! Just give me time to pay it off.
  • What am I gonna do about this...
  • So to make sure she has some jewelry she borrows a necklace. Later that night she ends up losing the necklace! A thought she had was to get a new necklace with some extra money. She was going to replace the one she had lost. This is showing the main characters in the story.
  • I feel so bad. I still owe so much money on this necklace and people are thinking less and less of me now.
  • She had came back home to tell the news, But something happened that she didn't know. The person she borrowed it from also, was borrowing it from someone else. So, the necklace she borrowed from her friend was truly lost. This is showing both internal and external conflict between the two.
  • 10 YEARS LATER...
  • I have nothing anymore. 10 years wasted down the drain because of a necklace I lost!
  • After she ends up losing it, she had no money to return it. So, once again she had borrowed something else, money. She started to borrow the money to pay off the lost necklace.
  • She ended up using the money to get a new necklace. She had to keep signing loans to pay for it. She worked years to pay it off and soon became an unrecognizable woman. This shows the dramatic irony, blaming Forestier for her hardship and showing what she had to do to fix it.
  • In the end, Mathilda had to work 10 years to pay off the necklace she lost and finally get out of debt. She had to give up all her luxuries and had to start hard work. Soon, it made her realize how easy she had it before with a good husband and easy life. This shows that theme is showing greed and deceptive appearance and the beauty blinds her to show what she already has.
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