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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • paragraph 4
  • i see ink spilt on a piece of paper.
  • what do you see on this ink block
  • paragraph 129
  • now that we are paying you, you have to continue writing those progress reports
  • paragraph 192
  • i can't even remember my favorite book
  • i wish there was something we could do to help
  • i liked this scene because charlie didn't understand what he was supposed to be looking for. All charlie said he saw was ink that was spilt on a piece of paper.
  • Paragraph 50
  • i beat algernon! i beat algernon!
  • i liked this scene because he was finally getting paid even though he wasn't really doing a whole lot. i also liked it because once he started to get paid he stopped writing the progress reports.
  • paragraph 173
  • dear doctor strauss
  • i liked this scene because it was sad when he wanted to read his favorite book and he couldn't even remember what it was about. all charlie wanted to do was be smart but because the operation wasn't very successful and he cant remember the book t at all.
  • leave charlie alone!!
  • i liked this scene because charlie was so happy that he finally beat algernon. He also felt bad for beating his so he asked if he could feed him instead.
  • i liked this scene because he was finally getting to the point where he understood everything. he also understood what was going to happen to him but he was also kind of ok with that because he finally got to see what is was like to be smart.
  • i hope they will understand what i am getting at with this letter
  • i liked this scene because they stood up for him after they were really mean and rude before. they told the new guy to stop picking on him because they felt bad for doing it after they saw charlie at his best and at his worst.
  • sorry i . . . i didn't know
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