I got mugged
Updated: 9/9/2020
I got mugged

Storyboard Text

  • It was just a normal day, I was walking home from school. Then I looked up and saw this pretty bird flying above my head. I stared at it in consternation, as I had never seen a bird like that before.
  • After a few minutes of walking I suddenly heard a loud noise. I looked around, vigilant.
  • When all of a sudden these two dark figures jumped synchronized out at me. I quickly cowered on the ground.
  • When one of the dark figures came near me and started yelling at me to give them my money, I flinched.
  • I tried to neutralize the situation but, they just kept getting closer. As soon as I saw a gap between the two silhouettes I ran as fast as I could to get home.
  • I got home and told my mom everything that happened, and ever since that day I've never had to walk home from school again.