The Rat, The Yellow House, And The Whore (Page 155- 163)
Updated: 1/20/2020
The Rat, The Yellow House, And The Whore (Page 155- 163)
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Dad plots out a spot to build the Glass Castle in their backyard. Jeanette and Brian were excited so they decided to help. They dug and huge whole and carved out the foundation. However, the family cannot afford garbage service and starts throwing their trash into the hole. The trash attracts rats and Jeanette found one in the kitchen rolling in the sugar bowl. One night, Maureen thought there was a rat near her. The older kids thought she was just scared, but there really was a rat. Thankfully, the dog killed it. Mom decided to name it Rufus and the family hung it from the tree in their front yard. The run-down house and all of the trash really bothers Jeanette and one day when Dad brought home yellow paint from an odd job, she decided to paint the house. She went outside to finish the job later, and the paint got so cold it froze. The Walls were stuck with a half-painted yellow house. Mom and Dad refuse to accept help while other families on the street accept support from food stamps and church clothing drives. Mom reminds Jeannette that other families have it harder and Jeannette decides the Pastor family has it the worst because the mother, Ginnie Sue Pastor, is the town whore. Jeanette is curious about this so she visits them one day. She, Ginnie Sue, and Ginnie Sue's daughter, Kathy, clean a chicken one day and Jeannette tells them about California. At the end of the visit, Jeannette realizes she did not learn anything about whoring except that it puts food on the table.

Storyboard Text

  • "I really do hear the rat. I think he's close to me (Walls, 156).
  • After the Walls family moved into their new home, Dad talks about building The Glass Castle right behind their current home. Jeanette and Brian were so excited and they decided to help Dad. They dug a huge hole for the foundation. The parents couldn't pay for the garbage man to take out the trash, so Dad tells the kids to dump it in the foundation they made for The Glass Castle.
  • Since their was pracically a dump right behind their house, the Walls' started getting rats. One day Jeanette found a rat in their kitchen eating and laying in the sugar bowl.
  • Maureen had heard about the rats and was terrified to sleep at night. She thought their was a rat in her bed and she was right. There was a rat in her bed crawling on her.
  • Thankfully, the family has a dog. The dog catches and kills the rat. Mom and Dad decide to hang the rat off of a tree in their front yard. Mom also names the rat Rufus.
  • Dad brings home some leftover paint from an odd job and she decides to paint the house. Unfortunatley, the paint froze and became ruined so she was unable to finsih the job. The Walls' now have a half painted yellow house.
  • Jeanette cleans a chicken with Ginner Sue Pastor. "One thing about whoring: It put a chicken on the table (Walls, 163)."
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