just lather, that's all!
Updated: 3/13/2020
just lather, that's all!
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  • begining
  • middle
  • end
  • Captain Torres enters the barbershop tired and weary after his latest expedition. The barber seems nervous of his presence.
  • The barber
  • The barber shaves Captain Torres while debating on how easy it would be to murder him. We learn the barber is from the other side of the Captains.
  • Captain Torres
  • The Captain leaves the barbershop unharmed. When hes about to walk out he reveals he knew the barber is on the other side all along. Everyone thought the barber would kill the Captain.
  • The barber
  • The barber is the main character of the story and the narrator. You see everything from his point of view. He is dedicated, smart, careful, and can appear dispassionate.
  • Captain Torres is the leader of an army looking to hunt down rebels. He is brutal and cruel. Before he leaves the shop, he shows the barber that he may actually have a conscious and doesn't like killing.
  • The barber reveals, in his thoughts, that he is a "rebel". Captain Torres doesn't hide how much he hates rebels. the barber had many opportunities to kill him but didn't. This shows that he's dedicated to his work and can think clearly under pressure.
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