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The Outsiders - May Warm Up
Updated: 5/29/2020
The Outsiders - May Warm Up
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By Sarah M - Period 1

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  • Ponyboy gets beaten up
  • Need a haircut, Greaser?
  • Johnny Kills a Soc
  • I didn't mean it! They were drowning you!
  • They run away
  • Get out of there!
  • Ponyboy is walking home from the movies, and a group of Soc's beat him up because he's a greaser. They cut, scratch, and beat him unconscious. The other Greasers find him and help him get up and home.
  • The hospital
  • How can I make him not worry?
  • After Johnny and Ponyboy stay late at the movies where they meet two Soc girls who just left their boyfriends, Darry gets mad at Ponyboy, so he slaps him. Ponyboy and Johnny run away to a park where the girls old boyfriends show up. They try to drown Ponyboy in the fountain, so Jonny kills the boy without thinking. The other Socs run away, but Pony and Johnny must stay hidden from the cops.
  • The Rumble and Jonny
  • They get a gun and money from Dally, who tells them about an old church where they can hide. They have to cut and color their hair so that the cops don't find them. After a few weeks, Dally comes back to see them. Johnny and Pony decide they don't want to be on the run forever, so they decide to turn themselves in to the police. While turning back, they see that the old church caught on fire and that there are kids inside, so Johnny and Pony decide to go and save them.
  • Ponyboy's Theme
  • The OutsidersBy Ponyboy Curtis
  • After Jonny dies, Dally gets himself killed by pulling a weapon on the cops. Pony faints and has a minor concussion and starts falling behind in school.
  • After Pony, Johnny, and Dally were rushed to the hospital, they become published as hero's in the newspaper. Pony wasn't hurt very badly, but Dally had to stay in the hospital for a while. Jonny was in a very bad condition. He was badly burned and the bottom half of his body became paralyzed.
  • You're a hero Jonny!
  • The Greasers go to a rumble against the Soc's to prove that they're better and stronger than ever. They win the rumble and the Soc's run away. Jonny and Dally, hurt from the rumble, go to see Jonny in the hospital. An ambulance sees them driving to the hospital, so they say that they're going to the hospital because Pony had a motorcycle accident. When they get there, they see Jonny dying.
  • Stay golden Ponyboy, stay golden.
  • No!
  • We won!
  • When he gets home, he opens Gone With the Wind, the book Jonny gave him, and a letter falls out. Jonny wrote him a letter telling him to stay golden and to let others know that they should look for the good in the world. This is why Pony decides to write his theme about his whole experience, and we learn that "The Outsiders" was the book that Pony wrote for his theme.
  • When he goes to court, the judges don't ask him anything about Bob's death, instead, they only ask him about how school is going and if he likes living with Darry. When Pony goes to school, his english teacher says that he's falling behind, and he can make up for it by doing a writing project with a theme.
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