on being sane in insane places
Updated: 9/24/2018
on being sane in insane places
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  • hospitals really could tell the difference between sanity and insaitity people?
  • 1973
  • David Rosenhan
  • you all have to get out by their own devices by convincing staff they were sane.
  • sent to different psychiatric ward
  • eight sane people (a psychology graduate student in his 20s, three psychologists, a paediatrician, a psychiatrist, a painter, and a 'housewife')
  • many disturbing things. Staff abusing patients, patients were awakened in the morning by an attendant shouting "Come on you m---- f----s, out of bed!" and one patient was beaten for saying to an attendant "I like you".The patients weren't treated as persons. There were no doors on toilet cubicles and staff would inspect their medical records and personal belongings without asking permission. Staff would not make eye contact with patients....
  • admissions office 
  • we all had been hearing voices, the voice, which was unfamiliar and the same sex as ourselves, was often unclear but it said 'empty', 'hollow', 'thud'.
  • I've stopped simulating any symptoms of abnormality.
  • psychiatric ward
  • i'm fine and no longer experienced symptoms.
  • fake patients
  • how are you feeling?
  • take part in ward activities, speaking to patients and staff as they might ordinarily.
  •  patients and staff
  • done secretly although as it became clear that no one was bothered the note taking was done more openly
  • notes about their observations
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